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Digital Account Opening

Simplify the digital account opening process for your customers

Automate account and credit card opening, increasing efficiency and providing a better customer experience with ATTUNE’s Digital Onboarding solution.

Digital Onboarding

Our Products

Account Opening

Digitize your consumer and small business account opening process to enhance the customer experience, reduce operational costs and improve compliance.

Credit Card Opening

Offer a fast and easy credit card application process, easily verifying eligibility and personalizing credit card recommendations based on financial needs.


Create a Faster Onboarding Experience

Eliminate the need for in-person visits with fully digital account and credit card opening.

Tailor Products to Meet Customer Needs

Tailor your account opening and credit card products to meet the unique needs and preferences of your customers.

Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency

Reduce the operational costs associated with manual processes, such as paper-based application forms and in-person verification.

Boost Efficiency and Save Time

Improve accuracy by eliminating errors associated with manual data entry and reducing the risk of fraud.

Protect Your Customer’s Data

Benefit from advanced security measures to protect customer data, including multi-factor authentication and SSL encryption.

Expand Your Customer Base

Expand your customer base beyond geographic boundaries by digitizing your products and services.


User-friendly interface

Simplify & streamline the onboarding process for your customers with an intuitive & easy-to-use interface.

Online identity verification

Verify a customer’s identity online with digital identity verification tools.

Automated decisioning

Use our automatic decision engine to evaluate a customer’s application & determine their eligibility for an account or credit card.


Give customers a mobile-friendly option to apply for accounts or credit cards on the go.

Document upload

Allow customers to easily upload necessary documentation, such as a driver’s license or passport.

Real-time communication

Communicate with your customers in real-time with built-in email & SMS messaging capabilities.

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