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Digital Insurance

Cross-sell & generate additional revenue with our digital insurance solution

Offer your customers insurance coverage tailored to their specific needs, all seamlessly integrated into the ATTUNE Engagement Banking Platform.

Digital Insurance



Simplify your customers' auto insurance experience with digital policy management and automated claims processing, all on one platform.


Customize affordable life insurance options that meet your customers' needs with a fast and easy online application, underwriting.


Protect your customers' furry friends with comprehensive pet insurance options that offer hassle-free claims processing and management.


Extend coverage to protect your customers' valuable assets against mechanical or electrical breakdowns with flexible plans, fast online application processes, and simplified claims management.


Boost Customer Loyalty and Retention

Increase customer loyalty and retention by offering personalized insurance products that meet your customers' specific needs.

Create an Enhanced Customer Experience

Enhance your customers' experience with personalized insurance product recommendations when it counts.

Differentiate Your Financial Institution

Differentiate yourself from competitors and offer customers a comprehensive financial services experience by providing insurance products.

Expand Your Product Offering, Revenue Streams

Create additional revenue streams by expanding your product offerings to include personalized insurance products for your customers.


Personalized recommendations

As customers use your Engagement Banking Platform, meet them at the moments that matter with personalized recommendations for additional insurance products or other products & services.

Targeted consumer outreach

Use meaningful consumer insights and data to build targeted sales outreach lists for new products. For instance, build a list of all applicants approved for a mortgage and send them a recommendation for home insurance via email or SMS.

CRM Integration

Our software seamlessly integrates with your CRM, allowing you to automatically push all the consumer data into your CRM for even greater efficiency.

Integration with other financial products

Integrate with your other lending or financial products, like auto loans or mortgages, offering customers one complete financial services experience.

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