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Star Bank Chooses ATTUNE’s Comprehensive Financial Solution to Boost Customer Experience


New York, NY – November 16, 2023 – ATTUNE, a leading fintech innovator in the banking industry, today announced that Star Bank, a family-owned community bank serving Minnesota, has chosen ATTUNE’s Engagement Banking Solution to elevate its customer experience and streamline its financial services. 

With a focus on relationships and a commitment to being a trusted financial resource, Star Bank selected ATTUNE’s solution for its ability to offer a full-scale financial solution to its customers. 

Alissa Sandholm, AVP of Marketing & Innovation of Star Bank, shared his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “With ATTUNE, we’re not just adopting a product; we’re integrating a comprehensive platform that perfectly aligns with our mission to provide holistic financial solutions to our customers.”

Star Bank will integrate ATTUNE’s product suite across all its service offerings, including consumer, small business, mortgage, home equity, digital lending, and account opening. This will allow the community bank to offer a more unified, efficient customer experience, while also greatly eliminating manual processes, streamlining operations, and enhancing overall efficiency.

“We’re thrilled that Star Bank will benefit from a full transformation of their operations with our all-in-one platform,” said AK Patel, Founder & CEO of ATTUNE. “Our innovative solution will drive a strong Return on Investment (ROI) for the bank by not only streamlining their current services but also empowering them to expand their footprint beyond counties.”

This partnership is poised to boost Star Bank’s competitive edge and help it expand beyond the 10 Minnesota communities it already serves. Customers can anticipate a more accessible, efficient, and innovative banking experience, thanks to this collaboration between Star Bank and ATTUNE.

About ATTUNE: ATTUNE’s Engagement Banking Platform empowers banks and credit unions with cutting-edge technology to improve their customers’ financial experiences. Their all-in-one solution seamlessly integrates across product lines, giving financial institutions the tools to meet and anticipate their customers’ financial requirements. ATTUNE enhances operational efficiency, reduces costs, increases revenue, and makes advanced fintech accessible to institutions of all sizes, ensuring they can serve their communities effectively for years.

About Star Bank:  Star Bank is a family-owned community bank dedicated to helping its customers and communities in Minnesota achieve financial independence and prosperity. Committed to providing personalized and caring financial services, Star Bank values creativity, friendliness, and responsiveness to customers’ ever-changing needs. 

For more information about ATTUNE and its partnership with Star Bank in implementing the engagement banking solution, please contact:

AK Patel

Founder & CEO