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Digital Lending

Transform your lending with ATTUNE’s digital solution

Expand lending options for your customers and manage loans more efficiently with our Engagement Banking Platform.

Digital Lending



Offer clients customized loan products with a digital application and underwriting, personalized to meet their specific financial needs.​


Digitize the mortgage lending process with automated underwriting, secure communication channels, and customizable loan products for a seamless client experience.

Home Equity

Empower clients to unlock the equity in their homes with a streamlined, digitized loan application and underwriting processes.


Streamlines the commercial lending process for banks and credit unions with customized loan products and automated underwriting processes.

Small Business

Provide small business clients with a seamless digital lending experience with customized loan products and real-time communication and notifications.


Digitize the auto loan application and underwriting process for clients with customizable loan products and convenient online and mobile options.


Diversify Your Lending Product Offering

We easily offer a variety of loan options, including auto, commercial, consumer, mortgage, small business, home equity and solar loans.

Easily Manage Loans in One Place

Access one platform that fits all your needs – view and manage products, interact with customers, and use real-time data to recommend products and services.

Personalize the Client Experience

Recommend customized lending products based on a client's financial goals and preferences with our data-driven technology.

Boost Efficiency and Save Time

Automate and digitize your lending process with the best real-time decision engine. Eliminate manual labor to process 10x more loans daily and reduce the loan process by up to 60%.

Minimize Risk and Protect Your Business

Use digital technology to help minimize the risk of errors or fraudulent activities in loan processing, proactively protecting your time and business.

Integrate with your Core Systems

Integrate seamlessly with other systems, such as core banking systems and accounting systems, to streamline the lending process and reduce manual data entry.


Real-time underwriting

Walks borrowers through each step of the application process and underwrites in real-time based on application answers.

Marketplace of products & services

Offer your clients related products and services, like recommendations for vetted, local experts and advisors.

White-label branding

White label and easily customize our solution to match your financial institution’s branding. Benefit from your own custom-built solution without the hassle and cost.

Real-time communication and notifications

Interact with customers in real-time or set up automatic notifications to clients at various stages of the lending process, keeping clients informed and engaged.

Secure & Compliant Technology

Benefit from the highest level of encryption to ensure top-level security for both you and your customers. We are fully compliant with government legislation, industry regulations, and your internal policies.

Suite of APIs

Integrate with the software you’re already using or familiar with to enhance your lending capabilities, without having to log into multiple softwares or pay multiple subscriptions.

Demo Our Platform

We’ll show you how ATTUNE’s engagement banking platform can help you better serve your customers.