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Managed Services

Focus on your business, let ATTUNE handle the technology

Get the continued technical support you need to achieve your business goals and stay ahead of the competition.

Managed Services

Managed Service Offerings

Data Analytics & Reporting

Gain from regular data analysis and reporting to better understand your customers, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.

Updates & Maintenance

We use real-time monitoring to ensure our technology is kept up-to-date, secure, and running smoothly.

Technical Support & Training

We provide 24/5 support and training for employees. Also, answer questions with self-help videos and user guides.

System Intergrations

Our team continuously manages integrations with other systems, such as core banking systems, CRMs and FinTech software, to ensure seamless data transfer and streamlined workflows.

Security & Compliance

We commit to maintaining the compliance of software, so it meets industry regulations and standards. Our team performs regular security updates to ensure your data is protected at all times.

Managed Hosting

We provide reliable and secure hosting services that ensure the highest level of performance, scalability, and uptime, allowing financial institutions to focus on their core business.

Benefits to Managed Services

Cost Savings

Save on IT staff costs and infrastructure investments. We provide the software and technical support so you can focus on building deeper relationships with your customers.


Our experienced team provides you with the guidance and support you need to achieve your business goals and maximize your return on investment with your customers.


We use the latest technologies and techniques to ensure that your data is secure and accessible, and that your systems are always up and running smoothly.

Continuous Improvement and Updates

New releases

We regularly release new software features and capabilities to improve the user experience, streamline workflows, and enhance overall platform functionality. You can rest assured that you are always working with the latest and most advanced version of our software, without the need for manual upgrades or installations.

Quality assurance

We take quality assurance seriously. Before any new release or update is made available to our clients, we conduct rigorous testing to ensure that it meets our high standards for reliability, performance, and security. We also conduct user acceptance testing to ensure that new features are intuitive and user-friendly.

Support and Maintenance

Regular system health checks

We take a proactive approach to system maintenance and work to prevent issues before they occur.

Data backups

We conduct real time data backups to ensure that your data is safe, secure, and protected.

24/5 technical support

We provide 24/5 technical support to our clients, so you can rest assured you will always have access to the support you need when you need it.

Staff platform training

We offer training to new employees or staff members who need to use the software, ensuring that they have the skills and knowledge they need to use the platform effectively.

See It In Action

We’ll show you how ATTUNE’s Engagement Banking Platform can help you better serve your customers.