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Digital Support

Rev up your customer service with digital support

Empower your customer service team with one solution that streamlines support operations, increases sales opportunities and delivers exceptional customer experiences.


How it Works

All the features your teams need to deliver exceptional customer service

Streamlined Support Operations

With Digital Support, you can consolidate all customer data into one app. Free up more time for your employees to personalize their customer service and quickly resolve issues.

Enhanced Collaboration

Digital Support empowers your customer service teams to work together seamlessly by managing all aspects of the service process, including tasks, messages, tracking, and permissions.

Secure Real-Time Communication

Our solution provides a secure way for your team to communicate with customers in real-time ensuring all data is kept safe.

Drive Long-Term Customer Success

Digital support helps uncover valuable insights that enable you to enhance your customer relationships and drive long-term success.


Offer convenience and satisfaction with one digital tool

Smart Service Center

Our pre-integrated video, voice support and co-browsing solution allows you to connect with your customers in real-time to improve customer satisfaction.

Common Workspaces

Custom workspaces for CSRs, bankers, advisors, and relationship managers, make it easy for each user group to access the tools they need.

Task Management

Use the task manager to collaborate on issues and resolve them with speed.

CRM Connector

Seamlessly integrate your existing servicing tools and CRM with Digital Support to connect your support operations with ease.

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