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Chris McManus Joins ATTUNE as Director, Product Marketing

Chris McManus

Team Spotlight: Chris McManus Joins ATTUNE as Director, Product Marketing

ATTUNE is excited to welcome seasoned marketing pro Chris McManus to the team. With a deep fintech background and a history of driving growth at SaaS companies, Chris brings decades of experience as our new director of product marketing. 

Title: Director of Product Marketing

Location: New York, NY

Why did you join ATTUNE?

It was a combination of an incredible product—ATTUNE’s engagement platform to grow asset size—plus a dynamic team of the most customer-centric, fintech savvy pros I’ve met to date. I’m excited to be part of this.

What’s your main focus right now?

ATTUNE has a platform that is helping financial institutions add deposits, grow their loan book and expand wallet share with cross-sell capabilities. My main focus is to make sure every financial institution knows who we are, what we do and how we can benefit them.   

What are some of the biggest challenges you predict in FinTech in the next 5 years?

Financial institutions are challenged to consolidate the tech stack, shifting away from disparate point solutions for each app toward an integrated approach that delivers seamless banking experiences. For example, unifying all onboarding and lending solutions on a single platform, which in turn enables real-time cross-selling opportunities that can boost revenue. In addition to significant efficiency gains, this unified approach offers a consistent customer experience that ultimately builds loyalty and long-term growth. 

What opportunities do you see for AI in FinTech?

AI technology has transformative potential, but also introduces significant organizational risk. Not all AI tech is created equal and financial institutions need to closely assess not only the upside, but also factor in how to mitigate threats. 

The basic principles for evaluating fintech remain the same—focus on the value it can deliver. Look for solutions that leverage AI to enhance processes, reduce redundancies and enable new capabilities. Not AI for AI’s sake, but solutions that can automate onboarding, accelerate lending and identify lucrative new opportunities to up-sell services, for example. 

What goals do you have while at ATTUNE?

My goal is to create broad industry awareness of ATTUNE and the strong value we deliver. We have a unique, strongly differentiated platform that is already helping a growing number of banks. I’m excited to tell our story.

Fun Fact?

I competed on a German cooking show, and I won! 

More about Chris

Chris has decades of fintech and SaaS experience, representing companies that provide banking infrastructure, digital customer service, anti-money laundering and fraud detection technologies. He founded a marketing agency with clients that included Microsoft, T-Mobile and Zions Bank. He has represented a number of startup companies, including Glia and OneStream Software, both of which have achieved unicorn status.