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Ken Cowan Joins ATTUNE as Account Executive, Digital Lending & Onboarding

Ken Cowan

Team Spotlight: Ken Cowan Joins ATTUNE as Account Executive, Digital Lending & Onboarding

We are thrilled to welcome sales veteran Ken Cowan to the ATTUNE team. Coming to us from FIS, Ken brings more than a decade of fintech expertise along with strong connections across the banking and credit union communities. He’s passionate about sales and sports, so ask him about his March Madness Bracket. 

Title: Account Executive, Digital Lending and Onboarding

Location: Houston, TX

Why did you join ATTUNE? 

I saw the opportunity to impact the business and bottom line of an exciting, growing company.  Growing up in a small community, I appreciate ATTUNE’s focus on community banks and credit unions, especially how our platform can improve efficiency and workflow.

What’s your main focus right now? 

To educate banks and credit unions about ATTUNE’s unique, highly efficient approach to growing deposits, increasing lending and enabling lucrative cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.  I’m here to grow the business.

What are some of the biggest challenges you predict in FinTech in the next 5 years? 

Over saturation. There are so many new companies with great products so I think education is key. And helping banks understand our clear approach among the many solutions out there.

What opportunities do you see for AI in FinTech? 

I think AI can have a great impact in this space. With all the changes going on in finance, AI can make some of those transitions a lot easier and quicker. But it’s all about how AI is applied and how it can benefit banks and credit unions.

What goals do you have while at ATTUNE? 

When you think of growth and impact, I want to help make the ATTUNE name top of mind.  We want to help the smaller community banks and credit unions attract new customers, retain those they already have and grow beyond wherever they imagined they would be.

Fun Fact? 

I’m a die heart Alabama football fan and I have a shoe collection with well over 300+ pairs.

More about Ken

Ken is a seasoned sales executive with a deep understanding of the banking industry, including hands-on experience with loan origination and years of supporting fintechs. In addition to his beloved Crimson Tide, he roots for local Houston teams and is an avid sports fan.